About FlamyTech Computers Limited

FlamyTech Computers Ltd is an innovative Nigerian technology company that supplies computer products and security systems. We offer top-notch tablet computers, laptops, smartphones and custom-made devices. The key features, specifications and certifications are readily available on each product page. Our ultimate goal is to make a difference in the computer business by providing for you products and services that are second to none. And for that reason, we market only top quality products with very attractive designs at competitive prices. We have well established partnerships with some major companies overseas, in order to guarantee our customers leading technologically-advanced products. FlamyTech has also developed fine working relationships with major courier companies, to make sure goods purchased online are timely and safely delivered. Giving your taste a great deal of consideration, we carefully selected our innovative team of experts versed in every aspect of production, from software and hardware engineering, manufacturing and distribution.

FlamyTech also designs and develops software and web applications, as well as provides IT consultancy and computer training services.

Our Mission: Passion For Innovation

At FlamyTech, we just don't believe in doing things the usual way others do, to maintain the status quo. Instead, we strive for innovating our products and services in ways that yield advancement. We honestly have passion to innovate our products and services in ways that are most beneficial for our customers.

Our Vision:

In recognition of the dire need of Africa in particular and the world at large to embrace technological advancement, we're committed to bringing technology to every home. To solve the unsolved problems, we bring refinement through research and implementation.

Our Values:

Basic to fulfilling our mission are values which include our customers, whose needs and problems we strive to bring solutions to, with passion. We relentlessly channel our services towards crafting excellent working relationships, rooted on the understanding of our customers' needs, through efficient and responsive customer service.

It's no surprise why our company is the pace-setter in Africa's fast-growing computer business. FlamyTech strives to be the number one smartphone and tablet vendor in Nigeria. At FlamyTech, we don't merely sell computing devices, like many of our competitors do: We design, configure, assemble and vigorously test the devices we sell, with your interest in mind! When you require, we configure customized computer systems to meet your specific individual needs - whatever they are. Our solutions make it possible for our customers to enjoy the full value for their money. So, our custom-made systems relieve you of having to manage only what is offered on the general market out there. We're committed to developing powerful and fastest high-end professional machines to suit your ever-demanding businesses. And without compromising quality, our products also include value systems that provide cost-effective solutions to budget-minded users. This is our way of bringing mobile computing devices to every home in Nigeria.

Importantly, all our computer keyboards have advanced features and support for worldwide languages, including African languages like Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. And so, we have solved your problem of typing messages and notes only in foreign languages, when you wish to do so in your native language.

We put high priority on communication skills and delivery time. And we provide relentless technical support for all the systems you buy from us, as long as they're not tampered with by a third-party. It is our commitment and pleasure to fix any issue our sold products develop. This package sets us apart in sub-Saharan Africa. Don't hesitate to contact FlamyTech Support for technical asistance whenever your computers have any issue. All our products are shipped with full warranties. Hence, no need to worry about any limited warranty. Interestingly, every single product we sell meets European quality and safety standards, and are certified so by the appropriate third-parties.

FlamyTech is a fast-growing Nigerian technology company and we dominate the tablet, laptop and smartphone market shares locally. That's because we always deliver what the market wants!.

We operate our business in a friendly atmosphere, to make our customers feel much at home. We don't sell computers just because we want to make money; it's for the love of the business! Benefit, yes, but not at the expense of our customers. We care about you and your satisfaction!!

We're always working hard listening to our customers' needs and constantly improving our existing products and services. Take comfort in FlamyTech's strong reputation for great quality products and support, knowing that you'll always be in good hands!!!